Odour Control and Dust Suppression Solutions - Mobile Fan System

For any sites with odour or dust problem, the mobile fan system is an ideal solution for all emergency outbreaks. Because they are portable, it can be used to suppress odour or dust to any isolated area too.


The mobile fan system with an extendable mast can able to project up to 25 meters.  Low maintenance and it will never block. You can either use the main electricity supply or onboard generator (110v or 240v).


There are two types of mobile fan system:


Off road site tow system with 1000 litre tank


The system is robust and reliable support by a galvanized chassis, with telescopic mast and support structure. Fitted with an extended tow hitch and floatation tyres but there are no lights or brakes because it is for site only use. The atomizer can be raised to almost 5 meters from ground level. It pushes the powerful mist forwards to combat airborne dust or odours to escaping from site. The fan and atomizer assembly can be rotated through 360 degrees.


Highway towable system with 1000 litre tank


The highway towable system is built to the same standards as the off road site tow system, with the added fittings of brakes, lighting and jockey wheel.

The system is operate under 110v electricity supply and the controls are mounted at high level and in I.P 55 steel enclsoure for safety reasons.


For odour suppression, the neutralising agents can be added manually or an automatic dosing pump. The liquid feed to the atomiser is via a pump, which is mounted at he bottom of the mast and the flow controlled by a precision flow meter.


The mobile fan system produce vapour is odorous but is prevented from leaving the site by the odour neutraliser. Immediately the odorous molecules come into contact with the odour neutralising agent, the decomposition of the odorous components begins.


The odour neutralising agents are harmless and non-toxic both to personnel and to the environment. The formula for the odour neutralising products has been developed and constructed in conjunction with a major waste water and waste treatment company and is in use in many of their sites.

The mobile fan system can be purchased or for hire.