Odour Control and Dust Suppression Solutions - Atomizer Wall Fan System

General description of the rotary atomiser - operate with or without oscillator.

The high speed fan assisted rotary atomiser is an advanced spray droplet generator which uses an a.c. variable speed drive to power a high speed induction motor. The motor is rated at 220 volt three phase which is driven at 200 Hz 12000 rpm. The power supply required is either 230 volt single phase 50 Hz or alternatively 110 volt 50 Hz.

The droplet size is determined by the atomiser rotational speed. Changing the speed of the motor will give the optimum droplet size for a wide range of applications such as odour control and dust suppression. The high speed operation generating a fine droplet size would be suitable for odour control and humidification while the slower speeds available would be best suited for dust suppression where a degree of wetting is required.

The fan assisted atomiser is very efficient in its use of product, as the droplet size is consistent across the spectrum. A high rotational speed is necessary to produce droplets which are to remain airborne. Droplet size can be as low as 35 microns but with the addition of certain neutralisers this can be further reduced. The flow through each atomiser is controlled by a variable area flow meter and is variable between 0.2 – 3 litres per minute.

This range of industrial atomisers can also be used for dispersal of disinfectants to cleanse the air of airborne bacteria or disinfect surfaces with biocides. All materials of construction are designed to be compatible with aggressive disinfectants.


  • Humidification

  • Air cooling

  • Odour control

  • Dust suppression

  • Disinfection


  • Low maintenance

  • Continuously rated motor >30,000 hours

  • Tight control of droplet size.

  • Low energy consumption <300 watts per atomiser

  • Adjustable flow control