Odour Control and Dust Suppression Solutions - Dry Vapour System

Dry Vapour system is an innovative odour neutralizing system without using water and maintenance. Ideal for any sites have odour issues, but either without water supply or preferred not to involve water. This unique system can eliminate odour for indoor or outdoor areas.


The Dry Vapour product has significant advantages over traditional nozzle misting system:


  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive.

  • No need for large storage tanks.

  • No need for dosing equipment.

  • Replaces the traditional reactive agent and operates at a molecular level.

  • Economical to use.

  • No water supply needed.

  • Can be used anywhere, inside buildings, open yards; exhaust stacks and ventilation systems.

  • Has an immediate impact.

  • Neutralises a wide range of odours.

  • Several delivery methods are available depending on application requirements.

  • Simple to operate and install.




Odour usually generate from landfill sites, waste recycling, sewage & waste treatment plants. Almost any manufacturing process sites including food and meat processing operation can have odour problem. All businesses need to have a complete understanding of any odour situation that might arise, and know how to deal with it to avoid their operation be shut down. Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and sulphur are the main contributors to odour.  These harmful molecules are very dangerous, with a strong smell that can affect our olfactory nerves.


The best odour neutralizing products to control of non-specific odour from municipal waste, food wastes, bio-remediation, landfill etc will be the Essential Oils. They are extracted from plant material including seeds, bark, roots, leaves, flowers, wood, balsam, resin and fruit of plants. The extraction process is through pressing, solvent extraction or steam distillation, to become liquid oils.


The CAS-DV Odour Neutraliser Essential Oils are extremely complex organic compounds. They evaporate easily without leaving an oily residue behind and infusing the air. It contains over 200 trace elements at concentrations of less than one percent. As in all natural oils, trace elements supply the delicate, extremely complex nuances that provide a unique odour neutralising quality. The synergistic effect of trace elements enhances the blending and performance of the odour neutralising product. The blended product actually becomes greater in effectiveness and allows for a broader range of application than the oils would if used individually.


The CAS-DV Odour Neutraliser Essential Oils behave like a solvent, it fed to the air that will initiate and optimize absorption and adsorption, the two physical processes that occur in the vapor phase between the essential oil and the odorous material. Unlike other odour neutralizing agents acting as masking agents by using pleasant scent to cover unpleasant smells.


Surface area, contact time, particle size, temperature, and the concentration of both materials will be important in optimizing the efficiency of the neutralising processes. The essential oil will physically combine with the odorous material to form a new physical compound. This new combined product will have a net zero odour. Certain odours will be easily neutralised, and certain hydrocarbons (heavy and/or saturated) will be difficult. H2S, most mercaptans, NH3 and most amine odours can be neutralised