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Odour Control and Dust Suppression
Odour Control and Dust Suppression
Odour Control and Dust Suppression
Odour Control and Dust Suppression
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An innovative dry vapour odour neutralising system which has the ability to neutralise odour without using water and without any maintenance.

A simple and effective dust suppression misting and fogging method of removing odours and dust from waste handling and waste treatment sites.

Extremely robust and reliable towable mobile system to deal with certain isolated areas that require odour and dust control. Options for highway or site only.

The high speed fan assisted wall mounted rotary atomiser is an advanced spray droplet generator for both odour and dust suppression with or without oscillator control.

This standalone odour control misting cannon system as standard mounted on trailer, is easy to use and quick to install. Jet distance up to 50 meters.

Odour Control and Dust Suppression

CAS - Neusol Products Range

Odour Control and Dust Suppression
Odour Control and Dust Suppression
Odour Control and Dust Suppression

Unique product that neutralises leachate odours on contact. It can be sprayed directly onto contaminated areas or leachate puddles to eliminate the odours.

Our range of odour neutralisers has been used successfully to control odour pollution in many problem areas - Sewage treatment, Leachate Lagoons, Lanfill site, Waste transfer stations

A powerful bio-organic odour neutraliser with unique catalytic action.More cost effective than traditional deodorisers. Odour neutralisers for extreme or specific problems.

We have a variety of products available, these include surface residue treatment and bottom sludge treatment with excellent penetrative properties.

This odour neutralising gel is ideal replacement for air freshener products indoor, drainage system and also for all kitchen with extractor dusting system.



Complete Air Solutions is an independent consultant, we are dealing with specialists who are qualifed to ISO9001 standards with Achilles registration.

Specialising in odour control, dust suppression, bioaugmentation of fat, oil & grease, and complete odour control solutions for waste recycling and waste management plants, landfill sites, composting sites, food & meat processing plants, anaerobic digestion sites, waste water and sewage treatment plants.

We have been closely involved with our qualified partners in development of odour and dust management in both UK and Europe for over 20 years.

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