Odour Control and Dust Suppression Solutions - Nozzle Misting System

The nozzle misting system is a safe and economical way to eliminate odour and dust problems for landfill, composting, waste management & recycling sites, building sites and any business operations generate odour and dust. The nozzle generate high pressure misting / fogging to remove and control odour and dust problems.

The nozzles are attached to the pipe works and cables, which connected to an enclosure housing water pump and filters together with electronic control panel. The nozzles are fully cleanable, or self cleaning and are designed for long life, therefore, no blockages. The control system allow you to control the pressure and the size of the droplet from the size of 10 microns is approximately 1/10th the diameter of a human hair. This mist can reach up to 20 meters for excellent coverage. The additional option for wind speed and direction can be added to the system too.

For odour problem, the nozzle system can be added to an odour neutraliser-dosing unit where it mixed the odour neutraliser with water, and then pumped through a hydraulic line at high pressure. The sizes of the droplets are fully adjustable from as low as 10 microns. The water consumption will be approximately 70 ml per nozzle per minute and can accommodate any numbers of nozzles as much as 300 plus nozzles per system.

Key features

  • Fully adjustable mist from ultra fine

  • Supress dust and neutralises odour within site boundaries

  • Fully cleanable & self cleaning nozzles designed for long life

  • Wind speed direction control


The example below shows a high pressure odour and dust suppression system in use at a waste to energy plant. Another function of these systems is evaporative cooling; the plant shown is in Spain where the crane gallery temperature regularly exceeded 45° C. The temperature has dropped considerably since this installation.