Odour Control - The Neusol range of products and their application

This range of natural products is non toxic and not harmful to the environment, they will not bleach clothes or burn skin.  They will however neutralise malodours when applied correctly.


Unlike traditional odour control systems that rely on masking agents and disguise the smell in the air,  CAS odour neutralisers use a reactive mechanism based mainly on the chemical destruction of odours and will neutralise the odour. 


Neutraliser application will depend on the source of the odour to be treated.  There are products available to atomise into the air where the source of odour cannot be reached or treated directly.  We prefer to treat sludge or surface residues at source for the most effective odour control.  When neutralisers are added to sludge or landfill waste at source, the product has a residual effect.  For example the neutraliser will continue to work on any liquid that may be returned to the inlet of, say a sewage treatment works or leachate lagoon after treatment, or on waste that has already been covered.


Prior to specific applications, site trials are usually conducted in order to find the approximate rate of application.  We say approximate because in a real life operational process there are variables and the application rate may have to be adjusted up or down to achieve a neutral point. Gas levels can be monitored on a before and after basis and the data logger results presented for analysis.


Our range of odour neutralisers has been used successfully to control odour pollution in many problem areas.


Sewage treatment.


We have a variety of products available, these include surface residue treatment, bottom sludge treatment and a sludge treatment product that exhibits excellent sludge penetration and in some cases cleaning of pipes, it is naturally non- corrosive and non-aggressive.


New to the market is the Bio-Block and FOG treatment for the elimination of fat oil and grease in sewer networks.


Leachate lagoons.


LX is applied directly to the leachate or injected into the leachate tanks prior to treatment for zero odours.


Landfill sites.


Odour neutraliser can be sprayed manually to any ground that is emitting odour or added to a bowser and towed along and sprayed if the area to be treated is too large for the previous method.


Waste transfer stations.


Neusol FD. This can be applied topically to odorous material to prevent the escape of odours. A recent installation has proved extremely successful in banishing odours from food waste that had been stored in bins for up to two weeks. The results were immediate and impressive.


This is just a small example of our products. Please call our office where we will be pleased to discuss your specific requirements and offer a demonstration of our systems.