Odour Control and Dust Suppression Solutions - CAS Standalone Misting Cannon System

Product features

  • Adopt domestic high-quality diesel generator set, stable performance, safe and reliable;

  • Good power, high range (far) and good penetration from 30m to 200m range;

  • User can control and remote control (can operate in the driving room), easy to operate, safe and convenient;

  • It can achieve constant, low volume spray, save quantity of medicine, high utilisation rate and small pollution;

  • Low labor force, high efficiency and low prevention and control cost;

  • The spray machine can be separated from the body, easy to operate and convenient to improve the utilisation rate of the car;

  • ​The spray machine is mounted on a trailer as standard - dimension is 1700mm x 1300mm x 1950mm.

  • All kinds of light trucks can be matched according to customer requirements. · passed the national 3C compulsory certification, agricultural machinery appraisal of the ministry of agriculture.


Scope of application

  • Forest protection, garden greening, street trees and other tall trees to prevent and control pests and diseases;

  • Rapid destruction of American white moths, locusts and large areas of agriculture and forestry;

  • City streets, construction sites, waste management sites, station terminals, school airports, public places, garbage sites, health and epidemic prevention and other spraying sterilisation, dust removal and cooling.


Click this video link to watch how it work 

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