Odour Control and Dust Suppression Solutions - CAS Odour Neutralising Gel

CASONG - Complete Air Solution Odour Neutralising Gel has been scientifically formulated for the effective neutralisation of the odour associated with hydroponically grown crops.

Its special blend of natural oils has proven to be the most effective neutraliser on the market today and is used widely across Europe where the brand is firmly established.

Its flexibility, with regards to its strength and application, make it an ideal solution for any odour growing system. A cost effective answer to one of the main problems associated with indoor propagation.

CASONG is totally different to the other products on the market. CASONG uses a natural combination of organic compounds and essential oils in a complex formulation that when combined change their function both structurally and chemically to complete neutralise the odour associated with hydroponic, not just mask. Plus CASONG's all natural, organic formulation has been classified as non-dangerous by European Standard 88/379 EEC making it completely safe around you and your crop. 

The beauty of CASONG is that its strength can be adjusted to suit the odour it is dealing with. Pre-mixed CASONG can be strengthened or just refreshed by adding one of our CASONG Concentrate Top Up. Simply add a few drops of Concentrate at a time - the aim is to neutralise the bad odour WITHOUT smelling the Concentrate Top Up. If you can smell the Concentrate Top Up, slowly add some water, if you can still smell the odour, add more Concentrate Top Up. 

This product is ideal replacement for air freshener products indoor, drainage system and also for all kitchen with extractor dusting system. It neutralise odours being drawn through ducting from a hydroponics setup. Place CASONG in a wide topped pot placed inside the Extractor Tube should neutralise any residual odours before being release into the outside air.