Odour Control and Dust Suppression Solutions - CAS-Leachate Neutraliser

The Leachate Neutraliser is a unique product that neutralises leachate odours on contact. Pongon Lagoon is a liquid that can be added directly to a leachate lagoon and Pongon Patrol can be sprayed directly onto contaminated areas (or leachate puddles) to eliminate the odours.

Pongon is made from a complex mixture of fragrances and essential oils, extracts from plants, leaves, trees, flowers, fruit and other natural ingredients. The product is non-toxic, so is not harmful to the environment.

The product is applied when bad odours arise from a lagoon and produces immediate results. It reacts on a molecular level to bind and neutralise odours in both liquid and air. The natural substances contained in the product react with odours and gases causing the chemical destruction of the odours.

Odour neutralisers for extreme or specific problems.

CAS- FD odour neutraliser can be sprayed manually to any ground or substance that is emitting odour, it can also be added to a water bowser and applied to large areas. It has been extremely successful in banishing odours from food waste that had been stored in bins for up to two weeks; FD has also been used successfully in neutralising odours from landfill gas wells. Odours were neutralised immediately.

CAS- FCG, CHR and ECO are specially formulated for misting or fogging applications.

CAS- LCH is applied directly to leachate or injected into leachate tanks prior to treatment.

CAS- LCH has an immediate effect on odours produced from leachate, waste water or sewage sludge. For extreme airborne odours, this odour neutraliser can be diluted at >1000:1 and atomised into the air.

CAS- Oil is designed for the reduction or neutralisation of odours from hydrocarbons, this product has been used to neutralise waste oil odours from offshore oil platforms and contaminated soil from redundant gas works. It has also been atomised through a high pressure misting system in an oil refinery as well as in waste transfer stations where there have been specific problems.

CAS- GW is primarily used for odour control in waste water and is injected directly into the water stream.

CAS- DV has been developed specifically for use in our unique dry vapour system. Please see our equipment page for more information.